The real deal.

It’s confusing isn’t it? Vegan, paleo, this food, not that food… hard to know how to be healthy these days.

I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way for years, and experimented with all kinds of dietary programs.

In the end, I found a way of understanding that clears up that confusion.

It’s essentially this – by understanding the basics of what our body needs to function properly, the confusion begins to dissolve.


The primary reason for eating is to nourish the body. We want to provide our system with the building blocks necessary for immune function, growth, elimination, thought, etc.

Building blocks? The minerals that the body needs to perform all these functions.


Every mineral we need can be found in the soil, deposited millennia ago by receding oceans, and cycled for eons through intimate relationships between plants and animals.

The trick is to get those minerals from the soil, and into our bodies.


The way we get minerals into our bodies is as follows:

Minerals are broken down by soil life and exchanged for exudates (amino acids, protein, sugar etc) secreted by plant roots. These minerals are taken up by the roots, utilized for plant growth, and passed on to whomever consumes that plant.

So the more life in the soil, the more minerals in the plant, the animal that eats it, and the animal that eats IT. Whether we are consuming plants or animals, the mantra is “you are what you eat”, and “you are what you eat, eats”.

Those minerals are eventually returned to the soil through defecation and death.


In this system, the healthiest plants are the ones that are growing in soil with the most life. Likewise, the healthiest animals are the ones eating plants growing in those soils.


Once we ingest this food, be it plant or animal, the same thing occurs in our gut – microbes breakdown minerals and make them available for us to utilize in exchange for a hospitable environment.

The microbes in (and on) our bodies are so numerous they out number our own cells by something like 10 to 1.

They are what drives everything in our bodies – from mood, to immunity, to hormone regulation, to growth. Their DNA even communicates and influences our own DNA!


As a food producer, it is our duty to provide conditions that support living soils, and it is the consumers’ duty to eat plants and animals from living soils, and to create a hospitable environment for our own microbes. If our microbes are able to thrive, and provide us with the building blocks of life, we have done what’s necessary for proper functioning.

Go out and seek plants from living soils, and animals that eat healthy plants, SO YOU CAN THRIVE AS WELL!


On my farm, I utilize practices that focus on increasing soil life. This is my ultimate goal.

I have a family to feed, and want them to be as healthy, functional, and productive as possible. As they begin to leave the nest, I find myself wanting to share my passion with others.

If you are wanting to learn more, or find nourishment from my farm, please subscribe, shop, or come see me at the market!

P.S. This is not rocket science!

YOU can understand the basis of good health, and apply it to YOUR life starting today!

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