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Know Nature, Know Thyself

The truth is, you can find acceptable health with most diets, so long as you include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, some exercise, a positive mindset, and regular recovery time (aka fasting). I doubt there many who would disagree with that statement. WE ARE AN ECOSYSTEM So how DO we know what is ultimately […]

The real deal.

It’s confusing isn’t it? Vegan, paleo, this food, not that food… hard to know how to be healthy these days. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way for years, and experimented with all kinds of dietary programs. In the end, I found a way of understanding that clears up that confusion. […]

The new paradigm of farming

After at least a half century of conventional farming, we know 5 things for sure. We are destroying our soils We are poisoning our environment We are driving species to extinction We are facing a chronic health epidemic It is time for change IMITATE NATURE Luckily, with the information age upon us, the grassroots are […]