About Peregrine Farm

Peregrine Farm is an off-grid farm focused on low impact, regenerative agriculture. After raising a family on whole, traditional food, we know that there is no better path to optimum health.  We’d like to provide YOU and YOUR family with the same nutritious, premium farm-grown products that we eat! By following regenerative agriculture practices, we can offer you nutrient dense, great tasting food, without compromising the natural world that exists on our family farm. We produce pasture-raised, free-range chicken, unpasteurized honey, and organically grown vegetables on our farm near Wishart, Saskatchewan.

Find Us/Pickup locations

When you place an order, it can be picked up in Wynyard at Aurora Day Spa (weekly), the Regina Farmers Market (weekly), or Saskatoon (once a month). We also will be attending the Foam Lake Farmers Market in 2019. Feel free to contact us for alternative arrangements.


If you don’t have freezer space and would like to enjoy pastured chicken and produce year-round, please contact us. We can accommodate and provide a subscription service for you that suits your needs.

Partnership / mentorship

If you are wanting to try your hand at farming, and are interested in a partnership/mentorship arrangement, we are open to opportunity if the fit is right.  Contact us if you’d like to discuss the possibilities available.

We are always interested in people who’d like to eviscerate for a day or more as well!