a spotlight on regenerative agriculture

Know Nature, Know Thyself

The truth is, you can find acceptable health with most diets, so long as you include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, some exercise, a positive mindset, and regular recovery time (aka fasting). I doubt there many who would disagree with that statement. WE ARE AN...

The real deal.

It's confusing isn't it? Vegan, paleo, this food, not that food... hard to know how to be healthy these days. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way for years, and experimented with all kinds of dietary programs. In the end, I found a way of understanding...

The new paradigm of farming

After at least a half century of conventional farming, we know 5 things for sure. We are destroying our soilsWe are poisoning our environmentWe are driving species to extinctionWe are facing a chronic health epidemicIt is time for change IMITATE NATURE Luckily, with...


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Peregrine Farm - Half Bird Half, pasture raised, free range chicken, average 4 pounds $20.00
Peregrine Farm - Whole Bird Whole, pasture raised, free range chicken, average 6.5 pounds $30.00 Out of stock
Peregrine Farm - Whole Bird Whole, pasture raised, free range chicken, average 10 pounds $40.00

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